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March 2010



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The New Must-Have Marketing Tools

Blogs will change us - BusinessWeek

Blogging has emerged as one of the core cost-effective market tools for companies to woo traffic to their websites. A 2009 study by HubSpot showed that businesses that blog showed a 55% increase in web traffic. If small businesses only initiate one new marketing effort in 2010, we recommend blogging.

Google AdWords

Consumers exposed to a brand's social media combined with paid search are 2.8 times more likely to search for the brand name than with paid search alone. (Study by GroupM Search and comScore)

email at symbol

A study by SilverPop showed that emails with social media links experienced nearly a 25% increase in reach. (aka nearly 25% of the email list shared their link with one other email address.)


Crowdsourcing, has emerged as a new means to take customer and expert input into your product line - even while cutting R&D costs. Read how NetFlix effectively used this to improve their movie recommendation engine. How could your company use this too?


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New Survey:
3 Signs that Green Marketing is Sprinting into 2010

Even as the U.S. business economy begins its long ramp-up, marketers and advertising agencies are indicating great optimism in finding and growing their customer base for Clean Tech and Green products.

A new survey published by Environmental Leader confirms that spending is up, green marketing is effective and suggests where your company too can find the "green fields" of new customers.

From their 2009 survey of 370 marketing and advertising agencies, I highlight the key findings.

What you'll see is now is not the time to take a "Wait and See" approach!

highlights of the Environmental Leader Green Marketing survey Green Marketing Budgets Lift

Over 80% of marketing agencies in the survey responded that their budgets for green marketing were increased this year.

green marketing spending for 2010

Take-Away: Is your company increasing your green marketing spend to keep up with industry norms? (Historically, recessions reward those with presence and punish those who recede.)

second highlight 4x as Many Marketers Claim Green Marketing is Effective than Not

When asked whether their previous green marketing efforts were more effective or less effective, 33% responded that green marketing was more effective compared to only 7% who said it less. While 60% indicated they did not know, we suspect that many of these firms did not have performance measures in place (!) or were using more traditional media that did not allow direct or easy measurement.

green marketing 4x more effective

Take-Away: For those who measure, green marketing is having a positive impact. If your own firm is not experiencing the benefits, it's high time to re-evaluate your strategy, media mix & messaging tactics.

third highlight of what is working in green marketing Internet Trumps All Other Media

Use of the internet for green messaging outdistanced all other media, with print and direct marketing taking distance second and third positions as media platform investments.

green marketing is 4x more effective

Take-Away: In your own company's choice of marketing investment, we'd downplay the role of conventional vehicles such as outdoor and TV advertising. While mobile has yet to hit full stride, that's an area to watch, particularly with the stellar growth of smart phones and the emergence of mobile ad networks.

The message is clear: Green marketing works and especially on the internet.

But there's a catch: The marketing tactics and tools that worked in 2005 no longer work! (Our next newsletter will describe some of those shifts that can make or break your 2010 marketing investments.)

Drop me an email, send me a tweet or give me a call! I'd love to help your company sprint back to the new green marketing pace!

Best regards,

Lisa Thorell

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