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Skittles Skuttles Static Web Marketing


Wordlet of 100 tweets from Skittles.com, March 3, 2009

Taking a clue from twitter.zappos.com, and a March 2008 Modernista campaign, on Thursday, Mars Snackfood, maker of Skittles candy, redefined its home page, skittles.com, to contain the ongoing chatter of any Twitter remark containing the word "Skittles" in it.

Heralded as a bold high-risk marketing move, the Skittles website now has minimal company-controlled branding messages (too little say some), focusing on user-created contents of the Twitters and video posters.

Designed to appeal to its mostly teenage audience, the marketing results are shaking up the online advertising world. As described in today's WSJ piece,

The Skittles.com site doesn't usually generate much traffic. In January, Skittles.com attracted 20,000 unique U.S. visitors, according to comScore.

However, as the initial data from Buzzmetrics published in WSJ shows, the initial market results are phenomenal.

Adage.comhas pointed out this morning that Skittle's Facebook site is cooking with new friends, some 582,604 as of 11 am today. By noon (the posting of this article), Skittle's Facebook friends numbered 584,886, in other words, up more than 2000 in roughly an hour or so.

To quote Freddie Laker from today's AdAge article,

The reality is, Skittles has done this completely right. This solution was quick to produce, leverages existing communities that have great interest in the product and creates a platform that further engages the consumer. I would recommend any brand with minimal budget and the right kind of audience drop the brand sites they currently have, which I'm guessing aren't terribly effective.

For companies targetting a young demographic target and a minimal budget, the Skittles campaign is worthy of study.